ZT X Series

More Than Durable

The ZT X combines zero-turn efficiency with  legendary Gravely performance. Fully welded tubular frames, intuitive  deck systems and all-day comfort bring commercial grade precision to any  yard.​  Learn about current financing options.​ 

Fully Welded Tubular Frame

 This fully welded tubular frame is a professional-grade backbone tough enough to get the job done in your backyard. 

Dual Arm Deck Lift

 The deck lift features a four-point hanging system for deck stability and even cutting performance. 

ZT XL Series

Built For Big Jobs

Cut any acreage down to size with the  professional grade quality of the ZT XL. With finely tuned cutting  precision and power, you'll do more with the ZT.  Learn about current financing options.​ 

Fully Welded Tubular Frame

 This fully welded tubular frame is a professional-grade backbone tough enough to get the job done in your backyard. 

11-Gauge Fabricated Deck

 Our 4.5-inch deep fabricated deck features an optimized airflow design  to produce best in class cut quality and discharge performance. 

ZT HD Series

Erase Any Doubt

The ZT HD from Gravely elevates expectations  of style, comfort, speed and precision. A #1 Selling Machine in its  class and built to commercial standards for power and durability, the  only thing that makes this a residential mower is that it lived at your  house. ​ Learn about current financing options.​ 

10-Gauge Fabricated Deck

 The 5.5-inch deep deck delivers superior airflow to handle challenging mowing conditions and includes a reinforced leading edge. 

Hydro-Gear ZT-3100 Transmissions

 Switch gears from ordinary performance with a commercial-grade,  high-efficiency design that delivers responsive control and increased  torque. 


Performance From Beginning To End

The  Gravely Pro-Turn Series packs commercial grade features into every inch  of this durable workhorse. The Pro-Turn Z ships standard with ROPS,  seat isolators, and a full commercial warranty. Plus, the Pro-Turn Z  inherits the unparalleled durability of the Gravely line, maximizing  runtime and performance.​  Learn about current financing opti

Seating System

 This plush, high-back seat with vibration isolation and cut and sewn  armrests ensures upgraded comfort for longer mowing sessions. 

Rollover Protection System

 Foldable Rollover Protection System (ROPS) come standard on all  PT-Series mowers to provide additional protection for the operator. 

ProTurn ZX Series

Put Every Penny To Work

This  proven design delivers on core components of the Pro Turn line,  providing the performance commercial applications demand while keeping  costs in check. And like every Gravely® mower, it comes backed by an  unbeatable warranty.  Learn about current financing options.​

Kawasaki® FX Engine

 Powerful and easy to maintain, this workhorse has a four-stroke, v-twin  design with commercial canister air filtration to ensure maximum power  and torque even in the toughest conditions. 

Seat Isolation

 Make all-day mowing sessions more comfortable with a plush, high-back seat designed with vibration isolation. 

ProTurn 100 series


Every inch is of value on the Pro-Turn 100. Packed with Gravely's  time-tested features, this hard-working mower stands up to your toughest  jobs.

​Learn about current financing options.

CBT System

 Our exclusive Constant Belt Tension System (CBT) ensures that belt  tension is maintained, keeping the blade tip speed and cutting results  consistent. 

X-Factor® II Deck

 The 7-gauge, X-Factor® II Deck is fabricated from top to bottom,  providing industrial strength peace of mind that's reinforced with an  exclusive limited lifetime warranty. 

Proturn 200 series

Never Cut Expectations


​Smart design and durability are packed into the Pro-Turn 200. Nimble  and comfortable, the 200 delivers performance season after season. 

Learn about current financing options.

Seating System

 A full-suspension seat provides added lateral stability and improved durability with vibration control for all-day comfort. 

Steel Chassis

 A heavy-duty, 1.5-inch x 3-inch steel, singular tubular frame is  fabricated with four engine frame isolation points to reduce cockpit  vibration by 45% while lessening operator fatigue. 

ProTurn 400 series

Give No Quarter


The Pro-Turn 400 delivers. With a stronger frame, smarter controls  and a smoother ride, the Pro-Turn 400 out-works, out-performs and  outlasts the competition.

Learn about current financing options.

Air-Ride Suspension Seat

 The industry's first air-ride suspension system is enhanced with seat  isolators to absorb large vertical impacts and designed with an  oversized, pillow-top, extra-high-back seat for all-day comfort. 

EZ-Lift Deck System

 The EZ-Lift Deck System takes 25% less effort to raise and lower the deck—plus, 19 cutting positions with .25-inch increments. 


Walking Made Easy

 ​The Pro-Stance®​ delivers power and performance in environments that  demand quick on and off versatility. The deck is simple to adjust and  the suspension platform eases vibration for all-day comfort. Learn about  current financing options. 

Flip-Up Suspension Platform

  The flip-up suspension platform provides all-day standing comfort and can easily transition from a stand-on to a walk-behind. 

Height Adjustment

 The dual height adjustment system feature offers improved leverage for  smaller operators who normally struggle with traditional hand lever  lifts. 


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