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Exclusive to Ariens,  RapidTrak is an adjustable tracked or wheeled machine, designed to  provide users with unrivaled power and versatility for any conditions.  RapidTrak maintains traction even against high snow piles on hilly or  slippery pavement, and a wheeled setting provides quick, effortless  maneuverability on flat surfaces. Intuitive, user-friendly design allows  operators to switch between settings in seconds. 



  Fully  loaded, both with power and convenient features.If you’re the type who  wants it all, meet your snow blower. Top-end residential blower includes  heated handgrips, Super High Output impeller, Auto-Turn Steering  Technology and premium Ariens engine options. 14” auger diameter. High  21” housing height eats up the drifts. Blows snow up to 55 feet and  clears 73-83 tons/hour based on model. Choice of 24-30” clearing widths.



It’s  just pure machine. Straight-forward power and performance.When it piles  up, this no-nonsense beast is all business. Large Impeller and  Auto-Turn Steering Technology with big, grippy tires. 14” auger  diameter. High 21” housing height for the blizzard days. Blows snow up  to 50 feet and clears 62-72 tons/hour based on model. Choice of 24-30”  clearing widths.



 Fits into small spaces.  Delivers big performance.Ariens legendary snow blowing, available in a  condensed package. It’s light and easy to handle, yet has all-steel  construction and high 20” housing to power through any drift. Folding  handlebars for easy storage. 11” auger diameter. Blows snow up to 40  feet and clears 56-59 tons/hour based on the model. Choice of 20-24”  clearing widths. 



 Dependability and value in a  compact snowblower, all-steel package.Simple, durable, powerful and affordable.  Engineered smarter with a top-loaded aluminum gear case to prevent oil  leakage. Compact, user-friendly design gives users ease of one-handed  operation. 208cc engine. Serrated steel auger for decades of cutting  through snow. 

Professional 21


 Engineered for those who move loads of snow from several sites in a  given workday. Compact, functional design allows commercial users to  clear snow and transport easily. Built tough for commercial durability.  Remote chute rotation available. 

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